Girly Look

→  This fall I´ve been obsessed with man cuts and style. But after all the black, my looks needed a change. And I still want to feel like a girl sometimes and wear a skirt and light colors. I like the 70´s style even when I say I wear it much more often in summer. One of the reasons is that I feel like when you´re building an outfit with 70´s vibe, there should be more pieces in this style. That means adding a lot of new items into your closet and honestly I will rather buy basic pieces which I can combine with everything. But it does not change the fact that when I see this kind of looks around me I love to watch them.
I´m very happy that I bought this skirt in summer in sales, it´ s still chic! I didn´t expect it to be so trendy even for fall and that it would match a turtleneck so well. Now I like this combination even more that just with simple summer top. 
What do you think? :)

Whole look and more at - WWW.CURYINTHECITY.COM.