Hello everyone! 

Everything has been totally crazy lately. Iva left me in Paris and went back home to Croatia. 
Yeah it´s just me in here left and it´s sooo sad. 

I also went back to Czech republic for my holiday but now I´m in Paris again! 
I started a new international program here and I´m very excited. You know it takes time to settle down and organize everything.

So I wanted to let you know that you can be looking forward for a lot of going on here again. 
We want to do more fashion, more videos and more guests on our blog. I also want to do more articles or vlogs about cool places in Paris and about the Parisien lifestyle. Fingers crossed for that!

Iva is in Zagreb but it doesn´t mean that she´s quitting. You can look forward for a Croatian breeze and style on the contrary! She is doing her internship in radio now so hopefully she will share how it is with us.
It´s really sad for us to be apart but c´est la vie. We will reunion soon anyway! 

If we´re not super-active here in some moments, we are always active on our instragram! So don´t forget to follow @curyinthecity