Last week me and my friends visited Centre Pompidou. I´ve been around many times but never managed to enter the building.
It´s a super-cool place which is definitely worth seeing. It´s kinda like a place of parisien hipsters. It has a very specific design, for me it looks a bit like a house for hamsters with all the tubes and everything.

I must admit I´m not a big fan of contemporary art but I love Pompidou. There is a lot going on. You can visit a library, cinema, museum, expositions, cafe, shops, etc. Now you can also see an exposition of Jeff Koons to which we unfo didn´t make it because of time, but I will come back.
Anyway the museum is also great as you can see in the photos below. We had a lot of fun!

Breathe the atmosphere of Pompidou. We´ll take you there now!


A lot of people just come and chill in front of Pompidou. You can see also artists playing instruments and people selling some things.

 The most fun we had at this room where anyone can come and write something on the wall with a peace of chalk. Of course I had to write my name and my favorite čauky mňauky.

 As you can see I wore just a comfy look with my favorite Adidas sneakers. They are sooo cosy for my legs.

Davor in action, lol. Would you guys believe that he is wearing an original African shirt?

If you want to know more just visit Wikipedia: Centre Georges Pompidou

What do you think? Would you visit?


Written by: Tereza