15/1/2015 Francesca´s sport edition

We are back! We took a little break during the Xmas time and the begging of January, because we went home to our countries and then the exams started immediately so we were truly busy.
Anyway we have a looot of things prepared for you guys now!

Today we´re bringing you our special sport edition. These shots were made for one of our school projects but as long as we love them we wanna share them with you. The only thing that didn´t work for us was the weather. It was very cold and raining the whole time! Surely we were doing everything for the last minute so we didn´t have any other choice than to suck it up and perform.

Let us introduce you our second lovely guest on the blog Francesca Italiana! She is a dear friend of us here in Paris and we can promise you this is not the last time your see her here.
Looking at her in these sport clothes is really motivating for us so now we defo want to get into this shape too!

Wish us luck!


Francesca is wearing:
Jacket: Kalenji
Leggings: Kalenji
Trainers: Nike