Are you in love with french food?

According to our last video, we wanted to give you some precise tips about delicious french food. The basic word is DELICIOUS and if you like to try new things and spice up your tastes you should definitely visit Paris!


Just imagine eating famous french macarons with your dear friend in front of the Eiffel Tower during the Christmas time! We love that idea! 

For the perfect french breakfast the winning combination is famous croissant with butter and jam with caffe latté.

 What is really famous in France and it is totally french style is the perfect combination of drinking wine while eating all kinds of cheese. Wow! 

And trust us, forget about fast food, if you wanna enjoy real french lifestyle, the first rule you need to learn is that you have to eat slowly and just enjoy your time while eating and drinking with your friends! That is not hard, isn't it? :)