Hello everyone!

We are two girls From Czech Republic and Croatia who came to Paris for studies. In the beginning we just want to say that PARIS is always a good idea! :)

The city with such an incredible history of literature, fashion, stunning monuments and charming people is taking our breath away!..ohhh....we just love, love, loove Paris!

While walking in the beautiful streets of Paris, we came up with a cool idea that we can make a blog and express our passion for fashion and also share beautiful moments that are constantly happening while living in the City of Lights.

Fashion is extremely expressed in Paris, and the least we can say is that people that live here are kings of a good style. We are inspired in every corner!

We will also talk about other interesting things, such as lifestyle in Paris , what to visit, where to eat, and share some nice photos with you. :)

Hopefully, you will enjoy it and be the part of our adventure! :)

Lots of love,

Iva & Tereza